We provide all kind of Wire Rope by Construction

Wire rope engineers design those parts in differing steel grades, finishes and a variety of constructions to attain the best balance of strength, abrasion resistance, crush resistance, bending fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance for each application. To select the best wire rope for each application, one must know the required performance characteristics for the job and enough about wire rope design to select the optimum combination of wire rope properties.

Wire Rope Types are identified primarily by construction. The number of strands and the geometric arrangement of wires within the strands make up the wire rope construction. Following are the more common constructions. Note that each construction can have more wires than shown, but the geometry remains the same. Here are the basic constructions.

  Bright Steel Wire Ropes
  Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes
  Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
  Compacted Wire Rope
  Coated Steel Wire Rope
  Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
  Non-Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Each of the above possesses unique characteristics which must be considered when selecting rope or strand for a job. The specific geometric construction selected depends on the destructive factors present on the job.  

Wire Rope Application

  Lifting cranes
  Choker Wire Ropes
  Machines in various industries
  Trolley lines
  Boom lines

  Winch Wire Ropes
  Tough Hoist and lifting Wire Rope
  Ancillary Lines
  Deep Shaft Mining
  Haulage Wire Ropes
  Shovel Wire Ropes
  Wire Ropes for Excavators
  Pendant Lines

  Retract Wire Ropes
  Serving as single part lines
  Whip Hoist Wire Ropes
  Deck Crane Wire Ropes
  Off Shore Crane Wire Ropes
  Pillar Crane Wire Ropes
  Garage Door Cable
  Catenary Wire Rope
  Various Engineering Applications

Wire Rope Structure

Each wire rope construction falls within a classification. Classifications are identified by the number of strands and nominal number of wires. The actual number of wires must fall within a range specified for the given class.

Specification of Steel Wire Rope:

  High breaking force.
  Easy installation. Good flexibility,
  Manufacture /size as your request
  Packaging detail: Wooden reel or as customer request

We mainly deal with all kinds of steel wire rope, such as: Bright Steel Wire Ropes, Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Compacted Wire Rope, PVC Coating Steel Wire Rope, Rotation Resistant Wire Rope, Non-Rotation Resistant Wire Rope, Oil & Offshore Wire Rope, Cranes Wire Ropes, Mining Wire Ropes, Elevator Wire Rope, Structural Wire Ropes, Marine Wire Ropes, Winch Wire Ropes, General Engineering Wire Ropes etc...