Compacted Wire Rope  

Compacted wire rope is composed of several wire strands which have gone through crimping wheels to compress and shape the individual wires to form compacted structures or reduce diameters before laying strands around the core. Taking advantage of the compacting process, the surface of outer wires is flattened and the contact area between strands is increased.


  Increased wear resistance of wires.
  Smoother bearing surface than traditional wire ropes.
  Increased tensile strength and lateral compression strength.
  Increase metal cross sectional area.
  Decreased blocks groove wearing.
  Decreased construction stretch.
  Less contact pressure onto the sheaves and drums.
  Better fatigue life and low deformation.
  Capable to withstand high load and sock load.
  Easy to handle.


  Whip Hoist Rope
  Pillar Crane Rope
  Deck Crane Rope
  Offshore Crane Rope

  Other various hoist ropes
  Mining ropes
  Marine fishing applications