Oil & Offshore Wire Rope  

Oil & Offshore Wire Ropes with higher breaking strength, excellent flexibility, better rotation resistance and extended lifespan are urgently needed with the development of gas and oil industry. These steel wire ropes are designed to increase the productivity on rigs and minimize downtime.

A wide range of Oil & Offshore Wire Ropes can be supplied for different applications as shown below:
  Marine riser tensioner.
  Offshore cranes and winches.
  Deep water mooring.
  Various geophysical applications.

Rotary Drill Line
Mast Raising Line
Tubing Line
Drill Line
Anchor Line
Buoy Pendant
Guide Line
Riser Tensioner Line
Drill Line

Material: high carbon wires or other custom materials.
Standard: complying with API standards.
Coating: zinc coating or other custom coating upon request.
Styles: regular, swaged, compacted or non-compacted.