Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes  

Galvanized steel wire ropes are constructed of galvanized wires which are dipped in the tank containing molten zinc to form a thick layer of zinc coating before the wire is drawing through dies. Then these galvanized wires are drawn to reduce diameter and increase tensile strength. At the same time, zinc coating bonding to steel wires is compressed to form a more excellent layer to protect the steel form corroding.


  Cheaper than stainless steel wire ropes.
  Higher break strength than stainless steel.
  Greater fatigue strength.
  Excellent corrosion resistant.
  Less wear than other materials.
  Galvanized coating serves as lubricant to reduce friction.
  Remain ductile over long periods of working.
  Easier to inspect for corrosion damage.


  Winch Ropes
  Garage Door Cable
  Security Cable
  Catenary Wire Rope
  Various General Engineering Applications