Non Rotation Resistant Wire Rope  

The most important factor in selecting the right wire rope for the job in hand is deciding whether a rope type is to be rotation resistant or non-rotation resistant. This point needs to be considered very carefully as using the wrong rope type can have serious consequences, for example, shortened service life, changes in the rope structure, unintentional rope breaks.

Non-rotation resistant ropes must be used for

  The lifting of a guided load
  The lifting of unguided loads on several falls at low lifting heights
  The lifting of loads with right-handed and left-handed ropes operating in pairs

Non-rotation resistant ropes must not be used with a swivel.

Non-rotation resistant wire ropes can be used on a wide range of appliances.

Examples of applications for non-rotation resistantwire ropes are hoisting rope for indoor cranes, ladle cranes, steel mill cranes, mobile harbour cranes and gantry cranes as well as luffing rope for cranes and rope for winching duties.