Cranes Wire Ropes  

Crane wire ropes play an important role in ensuring a smooth conduct of work processes in harbors, off-shore platforms or various other applications where cranes are needed. Whether you need tower crane ropes or offshore crane ropes, galvanized or stainless steel ropes, you will find the optimal solution in our company.


  High resistant to corrosion.
  Excellent ductility for optimal fatigue properties on rope level.
  Highest breaking strength leading to outperforming steel crane wire ropes.
  Excellent impact resistance owing to its radically elastic rope structure for absorbing dynamic force easily.
  Superb flexibility ensures excellent spooling conditions in multiple layer winding and all hoisting processes.
  High cost-effectiveness taking advantages of its strong and durable structure to reduce downtime and maintenance cost.
  Rotating and rotation resistant ropes are available.
  Optional compacted and non-compacted ropes.


  Material: high carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wires or stainless steel wires.
  Coating: bright phosphate wire, galvanized wire or other custom coatings.
  Wire diameter: 0.3mm to 4mm or thicker diameter upon request.
  Structure: rotating & rotation resistant wire ropes, compacted & non-compacted wire ropes.