Rotation Resistant Wire Rope  

Rotation resistant wire rope refers to a series of steel ropes which minimizes the tendency to spin or rotation under load. These wire ropes boast special design - the outer layer is twisted in the reverse direction of inner layers for counteracting tensional forces generated from multi-layers of strands.

To achieve the resistance against the spin and rotation, all wire ropes are composed of at least two layers of strands. In general, more layers a rotation resistant wire rope has, more resistance it will boast.

Normally, 2-layer spin and rotation resistant wire ropes can meet your needs of low and medium rotation resistance.

The 3-layer rope with more outer strands is capable to distribute more radial pressure onto inner layers and ideal for larger mobile such as all tower cranes.


  Serving as single part lines.
  Whip hoist ropes.
  Deck crane ropes.
  Off shore crane ropes.
  Pillar crane ropes, etc.

Rotation resistant ropes must be used for
The lifting of an unguided load on a single fall
The lifting of an unguided load on several falls at a great lifting height

Rotation resistant ropes can be used with and without a swivel.

  Wire ropes with 8 to 10 strands & 2-layer constructions without reversely twisted inner strands have very similar appearance to rotation resistant wire ropes, but they are not.
  Rotation resistant wire ropes are considered to be less stable needing to be handled and installed with great care. They must be taken to avoid high loads with small diameter sheaves.
  To avoid lay disturbances of the outer strands, it is recommended to ensure ends of the rope are seizes tightly, welded or brazed.